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He hired the maid because she was beautiful and willing to wear the slutty outfit he had picked out. It was a simple set with a black bra with white ruffled trim and a short black skirt with the same. With the white lace wrist pieces and a little white lace cap to complete the look she was the perfect maid slut. She was also more than happy to get naughty with him from time to time, making her the perfect maid... read more >>>

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The shemale maid was cleaning the house naked as her employer had requested. He liked seeing her big balls hanging down and her cock swinging from side to side. He liked to watch and stroke his dick as she cleaned things up. He also liked to have her stop everything she was doing and start working on his body. There was nothing like a hot shemale tongue on his cock and balls to get him going. In this hot set... read more >>>

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