Military Shemales Fucking

The beautiful military babes are waiting for the helicopter pilot to arrive and they’re getting bored. When girls this beautiful and sultry get bored they can’t help but get naked and fool around. They’re both teeming with desire and it has to find its way out somehow. You’d never guess it at first glance but these beautiful ladies are actually shemales with big, hard cocks beneath those skintight skirts. It’s the... read more >>>

Captain and Shemales

The two military shemales were just caught fucking on government property when they should have been guarding a helicopter and now they’re in big trouble. The captain pulls them into his office and orders them to get on their knees so he can figure out how to punish them. Looking down at their innocent eyes, their plump lips, their big shemale tits and those hot shemale cocks swinging between their legs he... read more >>>

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