Disco Surprise

Heís in a fetish club wearing sexy leather gear when a Nubian princess invites him over to her table. She is beautiful with big tits, dark skin, perfect hair and eyes that scream lust. They get up to dance and a second black babe joins them on the floor for some seriously hot hip shaking fun. He feels like heís won the lottery and when he invites the babes back to his place they graciously accept. His night is... read more >>>

Disco Surprise Part2

After having met the beautiful black shemales at a fetish club and bringing them home he got fucked hard in his mouth and asshole. The ladies came on him and then curled up on the bed for a rest but now itís time for him to have some fun. He wants to fuck some shemale ass with his big cock and luckily for him these sluts are givers and takers. They donít mind getting fucked and since he was such a good boy about... read more >>>

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