Checking Out Shemales

I had so much work to do before my final tomorrow, and so I made my way down to the library. The library was empty, except for a few sexy whispering librarians. But I couldn't even add them to my spank bank because I was so busy. Apparently that didn't stop them from adding me to their list of conquests at the library though! They both laid me out on the table, and the mature hotties stripped me down and whipped out... read more >>>

Checking Out Shemales Part 2

You would think after the long fuck session that we just had that these tranny librarians would have had all they could handle. But apparently shemales are built with an insatiable appetite for sex, and when I went to make my escape, the hunt was on! It was kind of kinky to be hunted after like that, so when they finally cornered me, I was more than happy to get them hard again for another go at it. Their cocks tasted so good... read more >>>

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