Adventure in the Desert

Two cloaked figures are riding through the desert on a camel’s back when they spot a tent in the distance. They’ve been out of water for a day and they desperately need to have their bags refilled so they can continue on their journey. The man living in the tent is well supplied but he’s not going to give them any water for free. They’re going to have to earn it and the only thing he wants is sex. The more >>>

Party T-Girls

Every Friday night, me and the girls go out for a night of fun, to unwind after a hard week's work, and just relax with a few drinks and some dancing. For some reason, we all had really good weeks, and so we were partying extra hard before we all made it back to my place. But the party didn't stop once we got there though, because soon enough, we were grabbing all over each other, feeling up our tits, more >>>

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