Schoolgirl Shemale's Erection Helper

I was sitting in yet another boring class, just waiting for the school bell to ring. I didn't realize that I dozed off, but I was having this wonderful dream where I was having passionate sex right in the middle of class! It was almost too real, because I woke up to my meaty cock poking out from under my skirt! I thought maybe I could give it a quick squeeze without more >>>
Crashing The Party Part II

I wasn't really thinking when I was trying to get away, and so my first turn was right back into the room, where there was no way out. The interrupted shemale fuckers were quite upset that I had spoiled their fun, but once they pinned me down on the bed, and the brunette started licking my half-jerked cock, I knew that they devised a new plan. That plan involved more >>>
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