Bangkok Surprise

As you know Bangkok, Thailand is one of the finest places in the world if youíre looking for a night of paid pleasure. Just recently on was there on vacation when I met a sexy young lady in a sleazy bar in Nana Plaza. She offered me a night of amazing pleasure for the fee of $50 (American) but she said she was on her period so it would be oral only. She was so hot I couldnít more >>>
Bad Babysitter

I have this babysitting gig that has to qualify as the easiest in the world. The kids are already old enough to look after themselves so Iím really just there to make sure they donít burn the house down. I usually go over, pour myself a glass of Jack Daniels and watch some shemale porn. Thatís exactly what I was doing this most recent time when I noticed Rosy walking more >>>
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