Cupid's Plan for a New Society
My idea of a utopian society may be a little bit different than what most people think of. For starters, I'm kind of sick of all the games that guys play, so I decided to do something about it. With a jerk of my cock, and a load of my cum, guys transform into gorgeous, full bodied shemales just like me! And then after that, all it takes... read more >>>
Dangerous Black Tgirl Hookers
I think I ended up on the wrong side of town, because when I encountered this group of hookers, I had no idea just how much trouble I was in. As quick as a cat, one of them grabbed me from behind and started pawing at my pants, grabbing hold of my cock. Soon enough, more came to join in, and took me away from public view. I kept asking... read more >>>

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