Fear of Clowns

Yeah, I'll admit to it, clowns fucking scare me. I've hated them ever since I was real young. But these chick clowns are actually pretty cute, so I wasn't too worried about them. I especially wasn't worried about them once they invited me back to their dressing room. I figured I was going to see some red noses, maybe play with a squirt bottle or something, but then they started...read more >>>
Mommy Knows Best

I haven't seen my twin sister in years, although we always keep in touch. And that also means that I hadn't seen her son in a very long time either. I knew he was grown up now, but I didn't know how hot he looked! So when my sister went out of town, I offered to look after him, because I knew I was going to be offering him something else as well. When she left, I quickly...read more >>>
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