Accidents Will Happen

Lots of people work out in this area, trying to break a sweat, and I was one of them. I've seen some hot chicks before, but never like these two, with their tits half popping out and everything. Of course I never saw the fucking tree stump either before I nailed it with my bike. When I came to, they were both over me, wondering if I more >>>
Lisa And Me

I've had my share of trannies before, but the best by far I've ever had sex with was Lisa. She was tall, with big tits, awesome curves, and the thickest mocha dick you've ever seen. And tonight, she was all mine. I met her at her place, and immediately went to work on her big tits, stuffing my face full of them, and licking every inch of it. I felt her hard dick slapping against me, letting more >>>
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