Shemale at the Con

Check out all these hot chicks dressed as Slave Leia from Star Wars! I must admit, I've always had a thing for her ever since I saw the movie as a teen, and had masturbated to the fantasy of me fucking her for so long. That's why I love going to these conventions, in the hopes that I'll find one willing to act out my fantasy! Luckily for me, the hottest one picked up on my advances... read more >>>
Caught By The Wife

Whenever my wife is out of the house, I like to check out my favorite Shemale website, Since she was supposed to be out for a long time that night, I decided to hire a shemale escort to come over and act out some of the fantasies I saw on the site. She came over, and things were getting hot and heavy, until my wife came home and nearly passed out from... read more >>>
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