Drink Me!
Another long, boring day. I was making it home from work, and I passed by these hot chick on my way. Nothing out of the ordinary, except for the fact that they were actually checking me out for a change. That's nice, but they wouldn't want to be with a bum like me. I made it home, and there was this fancy package on the porch that said "Open me first... read more >>>

Double Dildos
It's an all-shemale orgy! We all decided to get together one night, since we were all alone with nothing to do, so that us best friends could get each other off! We love playing around like this, and since we know each other so well, we know just the right spots to hit! We took turns licking the pre-cum out of each other's erect cocks, sliding those bulbous... read more >>>

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