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Runnin' With the Devil

Being a gorgeous angel has it's perks, but one of them is not the constant temptations from the pixie devils that roam around looking for a good time. Today, I wasn't expecting one to be so forceful with her advances. I honestly liked the fact that I was being controlled, but I definitely wasn't ready for what happened.... read more >>>

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Scientist's Beautiful Creation

It was so lonely working in that lab. Working long nights, having no social life to speak of, never having any friends. So I made up my mind that I was going to create my own very special friend right in the lab. One that has the beauty of a buxom woman with the equipment that I need to feel inside of me. So when I unleashed my... read more >>>

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Interesting Birthday Present

My buddies were throwing me a birthday bash that I soon wouldn't forget I'm sure, but for a much different reason than I thought! When they wheeled out a cake and out popped a sexy stripper bunny looking to fulfill my fantasies, I couldn't thank them enough! As she started to strip, the guys broke out so we could have... read more >>>

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