Happy Anniversary, Darling
My wife and I had our anniversary this weekend, but first we had to entertain one of her friends for dinner. I guess I didn't mind; her friend was sexy! When I got home, I caught both of them getting frisky on the couch, inviting me in for some fun. Who am I to turn that down? I started fondling both of them, and then stuffed my face in my wife's pussy, when all of a sudden I felt my ass surprisingly penetrated by her friend's cock ... read more >>>
Greek Mythology
Out on my normal stroll around the city, I came across this narrow old wooden bridge that I was sure could still support my weight. Of course I realized this was a poor move after I broke through and started plummeting. Just as I was about to fall to my death, two mystical fairies swooped down and caught me. Well I was relieved, and a little turned on, as these fairies had big breasts with long cocks to go with them! I was even more ... read more >>>
Fishin' for a Shemale
It was another day by the shore, drinking my blues away and fishing for dinner, when I saw this gorgeous specimen coming out of the water. How many beers did I drink? I started jerking off feverishly, trying to bust that nut before I came out of the dream, when she came all the way out of the water to reveal . . . a huge cock?!?!? What the hell? I fell off of my box as she came towards me, and she swooped right in, stuffing my insides ... read more >>>
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