Shemale Security At Your Service
Another boring day at work, making sure the bank is secure. I was just sitting back, drinking my 4th coffee and having probably my 20th cigarette, when all of a sudden the alarm went off? "What? Is someone actually stupid enough to rob the bank?" I sprang out of my chair to thwart the robbery, and there she was, a hot little criminal all decked out in skintight black clothing. Oh, she was so hot, and I was busting out of my own clothing just trying to arrest her! I had to strip her down nude to make sure she didn't have any contraband.... read more >>>
Panty Raid
I really wanted to join up with this fraternity, and would do anything for the status! But I was real nervous when they told me that I would have to run a panty raid. Crap! So I snuck in to the sorority house, and hoped that I could grab some before I was noticed, but it didn't work. Before I knew it, I had about 20 of these babes surrounding me, salivating at my presence. Their intentions became clear once I saw that all of them started bulging out of their panties! Pretty soon, my face was inundated with cock as my clothes were being ripped off.... read more >>>
Family Surprise
I love my sister dearly, but I always felt there was some secret that she was keeping from me about her. So one day, when my parents were gone, I snuck into her room to investigate. Something about her always turned me on, but I had to keep it a secret, so I went into the bathroom with a pair of her panties and started masturbating. Little did I know that she was home and caught me in the act! She finally decided to show me her secret: my sister had the biggest cock I've ever seen! Just as she was about to show me more, my girlfriend.... read more >>>
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