Slave Tranny Gets Fucked
I didn't know what would be on the agenda today from my master. Spanking? Tied up? Would I have to eat her pussy again? I loved it all, but of course I couldn't let my master know that. So she took me in her bedroom and bent me over to give me a reach around while she rammed my ass with a dildo. Pretty typical, but of course I enjoyed it. After I shot my soaking load all over myself, I looked up to find two hung studs right before my eyes! What a surprise in store for me today!... read more >>>
Alien Gangbang
I'll admit, I was a bit frightened to wake up and see all these red aliens abducting me and beaming me up on board, but for some reason my body and my mind were at ease. They lovingly stripped my body of my clothing and rubbed their little hands all over me. It actually felt really good to get all of this attention on little ol' me! I noticed by their reaction to my body that they never encountered someone like me, with my voluptuous curves, large breasts and meaty cock. But they all took to it well, taking.... read more >>>
Shipwrecked Passenger Lucks Out
After the ship went down, and I was forced to keep myself afloat on a piece of driftwood, I hoped that I was going to be able to be saved by someone out there. As I pulled myself up to this island, needless to say I was surprised to see so many hot big-breasted babes habiting it. I didn't know what to expect from all of them, and I didn't care, as I thought I died and went to big booby heaven. I was immediately jumped on by the chicks, and within seconds my cock was in and out of all of their.... read more >>>
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