I love going out every Friday night to the dance clubs to show off my tango skills in the hopes that I could find some sexy guys to do the horizontal mambo with later on. So on this night, I found a great dancer who was there alone who loved to dance. I can feel his cock throbbing through his pants as I rubbed past him as we danced, and decided to bring him back to my place to fuck. Not only did "he" have a huge cock, he wound up having some cute tits as well, and aimed to please.... read more >>>
I was nervous to begin with when it was my turn to get checked out at the dentist, but now there was this whole new dentist there, and she was just as nervous as I was! But she said she had a plan to get us both to calm down, and I was very receptive when she started licking my face and jerking me off. I was at full attention, waiting to hear what she had planned next for us, until I felt the hardest thing I ever felt shoved right up my ass! Only it wasn't no enema, it was the hot dentist's.... read more >>>
I really love these male versus female annual football games! Sure, the games aren't really a challenge, but it gives us an opportunity to grab all over the gorgeous college babes, of course. But the quarterback for the girl's team I have to admit was pretty good! She was very accurate, and on defense, her tackles were stiff! So we went to celebrate, but I had to go back to the locker room to fix myself up. I noticed that Jen, the women's quarterback, was getting changed! She didn't.... read more >>>
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