The Nun's Nasty Habit

The nuns quietly prayed together not knowing each others' dirty little secrets. One of the nuns was shocked to find another masturbating with a candle in her ass, but then she shocked the first none by showing off a little secret of her own. She undressed out of her nun's habit to reveal her massive cock. She fucked the masturbating lady in every position and made her orgasm over and over again, then the tranny came on her own deep... read more >>>
Shemale Caught

We were just playing around! I didn't know that our master would be coming back so soon! So when she caught me and another shemale slave playing around in her clothing, she was FURIOUS with us. She told us that she would make us pay for playing around in her things, but oddly enough, she didn't want us out of her clothing though. She forced us to take tons of cock from her and her acquaintances, drowning between their loads... read more >>>

As a young sheepherder, you get to see a lot of strange shit going on when you're out there in the great outdoors. One day, I spotted a young beauty skipping down the lane, wearing one sexy outfit. I called out to her to figure out what she was doing here, but as she got closer, my cock got bigger with anticipation. Well she picked up on this quick, and started to kiss me because of it! Well, who am I to stop her, right? Well I reached... read more >>>
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