I wasn't very happy that they were giving me a new partner to accompany me on my beat, but once I got a look at how sexy she was, I started to mind less and less. We were relaxing back at the station, and I kept sneaking a peek at her hidden goodies. She finally caught me, and I guess she was thinking the same thing as I was, because pretty soon she was in my arms and slipping out of her uniform. Once she took off her bottoms though, I was surprised to see what sprang out: a thick cock... read more >>>
I was hoping for a night of relaxation and some sexual activity from my loving wife, but I didn't expect this kind of surprise! She told me that she had a special surprise for me in the bedroom, and my cock jumped for joy! Especially when I realized that she brought home a beautiful, busty SHEMALE to have some three-way fun tonight! I licked my wife's pussy with delight as the sexy shemale sucked my cock, drooling all over my shaft. Then she bent me over and shoved her dick... read more >>>
What did these girls want from me? I got from being knocked out to being accosted and tied up naked in this prison area by these two women. I wish I could make out their faces, but they're masked up, and all I can see is their naked bodies. Big breasts, long legs, and huge COCKS?!?! Yeah, I'm sure the police will have no problem finding them. They pinned me down and forced their way inside of me, giving me every inch of cock that they had. While one wore out my asshole, the other... read more >>>
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