The Neighbours
I was getting ready for my first night's sleep at my new apartment, when I heard a knock at the door. It was late, so I was going to let it go, but the two chicks from next door practically beat down my door to get in. Their BONERS protruded from their nylons, basically showing me just what I was in for that night. They filled my mouth with hard cock, making me struggle with every inch, before they bent me over and pounded my ass. They were way stronger, so I had hoped that instead of trying... read more >>>
Masseuse Gets a Happy Ending
Now I massage a lot of babes here at the beachfront, and sure, I've had my share of intimate moments with some of the hotties that walk through the door looking for a piece of this chocolate cake, but she looked totally different. Long blonde hair, gorgeous tanned skin, and these sexy eyes that made me know that she wanted a bit extra today. Or maybe it was when she grabbed my swollen member out of my pants? Well, either way, I was extremely hard for her, and as she gave me a bit of lip... read more >>>
Study Date
Math's not too tough for me, but for some other people, like the cute girl I've noticed staring at me during class, it's a cause for some tutoring. She came over my dorm to get ready for the next exam, but we didn't even crack open any books before she grabbed a handful of my cock. What was I going to do, stop her? What else didn't stop me was gazing upon her sizeable dick as well. Sure it surprised me, but who cares at that point? She wrapped her lips around my erect dick, and I did... read more >>>