The Mad Scientist

The scientist was working on his latest experiment when he was visited by a curious schoolgirl. He decided to try the experiment on the girl and she immediately grew a dick. They were both shocked to see her sudden hard cock so she stuffed it into the mad scientist's mouth... read more >>>

Fucked At Sea

The captain noticed the beautiful new deck hand when he was looking through the binoculars and so he approached her for a little action. To his surprise, she was very interested in fooling around with him. So she pulled down his pants and begun to suck the captain's cock. He was... read more >>>

Forced Lingerie

I had been a regular at the bar here for a few months now, and I had always seen this hot chick that wouldn't give me the time of day. Long legs, nice tits, black hair that you just want to grab while fucking. Oh, she made my cock quiver! Finally, I had enough, and sat down next to her at the bar... read more >>>

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