Fatal Attraction

I really enjoyed getting fucked by John, and even though I knew he had a girlfriend, I also knew just how much he enjoyed fucking my shemale ass. But every time I asked him about it, he made it clear that I was nothing more than a fuck buddy to him. Well I had enough! I called.. read more >>>

Faster than a Speeding Bullet!

"Goodbye, cruel world" I said to no one in particular as I made my way over the side of the bridge to end it all. I have had such a bad go at it being a shemale in this world that I figured there was nothing left for me to do, and no one who cared. As I was falling and reflecting on my life... read more >>>

Master's Meaty Surprise

Same as it ever was. Have to comb Master's hair, bring Master food, fetch drink. Everything I do normally I was doing this day. I always admired how she lived, but I also admired her gorgeous body. So firm and busty, I loved looking at it. I didn't know that she felt the same way about... read more >>>

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