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Bikini Bustout Surprise

My friend and I were just lying around the beach and having fun, getting a deeper tan on both our hot bodies. For some reason today, though, she was being a little more physical and grabby with me. Was it something I said? I didn't want to lead her on, because I'm not that interested in pussy... read more >>>

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Two For A Tennis Match

The two ladies enjoyed an afternoon of a game of tennis when things got really heated up. The beautiful brunette started eating the blonde's pussy as she enjoyed the feeling of her tongue on her clit. Then when she was ready to give oral sex to the other lady, she was surprised... read more >>>

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Intergalactic Intercourse

I had just finished traveling a great distance to explore this land with my gorgeous new alien friend. She was everything I wanted in an intimate friend: long tongue, beautiful breasts, curvaceous ass, and the thickest cock you've ever seen! So needless to say, I was looking forward... read more >>>

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