Holidays In Africa

I finally got to go on vacation, and I always wanted to go to Africa. I was relaxing in a bar when these three hot native chicks walked up to my table. Their melons were so ripe and ready to burst out of their shirts, and my cock was definitely ready to burst out of my pants! They didn't... read more >>>

Naughty Neighbour

I love getting a nice, even tan, and I was enjoying this sunny day in the skimpiest outfit I can find, when I realized that I ran out of suntan lotion. Luckily a hot guy from the beach noticed, and offered to help me "rub it wherever I need it". Well, I could only think of one spot that... read more >>>

The Backseat Boys

He always drank at that coffeehouse every day just to admire the beautiful waitress. However one day he got up the nerve to ask her out. So they got into his car and things got hot n' heavy as he sucked on her big titties. But to his surprise, she had a huge dick. But that didn't change... read more >>>

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