Paradise Island

What a treacherous journey. I finally made it to land after nearly perishing from the plane crash. All I could think about was food and shelter, until I came across a slew of buxom, tall, beautiful babes staring back at me. They looked at me perplexed like they had never seen a guy... read more >>>

Holidays in Africa. Part2

"It looks like we got another stud on our hands, ladies". It's not hard to entice these young hung white guys on vacation. Flirt with them a little, show them a little cleavage, and you own them for the evening. Now when you have three hot African queens on you, there's no escaping... read more >>>

Changing Places

Whenever my mom is out of the house, I like to sneak in her room and play "dress up" with her stuff. It is interesting that I wind up looking exactly like my mom, especially since I'm her son. So I slinked into a cute night dress and some of her makeup, and remarked about how good... read more >>>

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