The Contest

It was just another boring day at class, trying to get through the week, when I came upon an idea that could get us in a lot of trouble, but could break the doldrums of the day as well. I turned to my friends, and as soon as the teacher walked out of the room, I lifted my skirt to show off... read more >>>

The Final Battle

I was more prepared for my battle with Victoria than ever. This was going to be the last time that I take her on, and victory was sure to be mine! But she had this amazing power that I couldn't overcome. Once more I tried, and even though victory was closely in my grasp, I failed. But more >>>


I noticed that my dad had a visitor over working out in the back of the house. My dad had left to go to the store, and his friend was still out there. He had left his sweater on the couch, and I loved the feel of it. . . especially feeling it on me. I was in the midst of enjoying the sensual touch and... read more >>>

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