Doctor Daze

As I strolled into Dr. Love's office to get my annual checkup, I was kind of unhappy to be there. The exam was intrusive and uncomfortable. However, staring at Dr. Love's enormous tits and perky nipples put me well at ease. It also made my cock stand at attention! I was hoping she... read more >>>

Don't Get Mad, Get Even

She was walking down the street when a big burly man tried to accost her. She agreed to get on her knees and give him head for a few minutes, but after he let his guard down, she overpowered him with her big muscles and bent him over. The man got the shock of his life when... read more >>>

Toilet Surprise

Gotta go pee! Gotta go pee! Gotta go. . . huh? How many times do you see hot chicks in the men's bathroom? "Excuse me, ma'am", I stated nervously, "the girl's bathroom is next door. A urinal must be tough to use!". I started to drain my bladder, and she moved away from the urinal to show... read more >>>

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