Amazon Dick Girl
It was day eight through my journey in the Amazon rainforest, and all I can think about was finishing up my research and going home. I've already found out so many new things about this area, but nothing that excited me until I came across the tallest... read more >>>
Shemale Hallway Fantasy
Mason had a long night already, and it wasn't even time to turn in yet. All he wanted to do was head home in his new place and forget about the day. He hadn't gotten used to the darkness of the hallway, and tiptoed down reluctantly before finding a light... read more >>>
Hooters Extra Hot
Bro's Night Out! Me and my buds were enjoying another night of wings and brews, and enjoying the hot scenery. The waitresses were always flirty with the guys, but there was this new chick that was extra flirty with me tonight. I didn't think of pursuing anything, but... read more >>>
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