St. Paddy's Suprise
Ay, it's a beautiful Irish morning! I've finally arrived back from me trip, and was basking in the glory that only Ireland can bring to you when I passed across a sheep meadow with a lovely lady sheepherder. She made her way to me briskly, like she had something... read more >>>
 Ladies Night Out
The ladyboys were at a dance club dancing with a beautiful chick and rubbing up against each other while they danced the night away. They begun to get very horny from all of the friction when they went into the back room for a little transsexual and female orgy... read more >>>
The ladies brought in the suspect for questioning after the crime and they sat him down in the chair. He plead the 5th Amendment so the ladies decided they had to force him to talk. So they immediately shoved their huge cocks in his mouth to show him what... read more >>>
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