This guy had been lonely for so long that all he wanted was some loving for the night. As he reached the door of this apartment where his escort had planned to meet him for the evening, something peculiar stuck with him. Before he could even give it a second... read more >>>
Cum With Your Hands Up
That was a bad night for the muscle bound blonde stud. The sign said campus curfew was 12:00, and it was 12:15 already. The 15 minutes could cost him a lot and they did. A motorcycle shows up, carrying a mean-looking black female cop. female cop turned out... read more >>>
Wrestler Relaxation
Another victory for the best female champion wrestler in the world! Every time she won, the first thing her servant would do is run a hot bath so she can relax in the tub. But tonight, since this win was so important, she wanted to celebrate. She ordered her servant... read more >>>
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