Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras is just like what they say it is: full of fun, beads, and sexual indiscretions. How could we control ourselves around all of this fun? Our gorgeous tits were out in full view, and our cocks were just throbbing to be worked on. So since we're all here, we might as... read more >>>
Beach Shemale Surprise
Just another beach bum day of laying in a hammock, drinking the day away, and hitting on big titted chicks walking by. This one Amazon of a woman struck me as different, and my cock tingled with delight as she passed. "Hold on there, sweetheart. Where are you off... read more >>>
At Work
I get to see a lot of x-rays of some gorgeous specimens, and some who aren't so hot. So I was definitely looking forward to checking out this chick inside and out. She had perky, round breasts and a tight body that got me aroused even before I grabbed her x-rays. Mmm... read more >>>
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