The Pirates Are Coming!
She was the spitting image of Jessica Rabbit. Tight red dress, peak-a-boo red hair and boobs that "Be ready! Pirates are coming on ship!" Sadly, the men who are supposed to be watching over me on this boat didn't do such a good job, and now I'm trapped around all these... read more >>>
Shemale Wedding
It was time to consummate the wedding for this shemale couple, but little did they know that they were in for a treat once they got back to their room. Waiting for them was the sexiest bronze skinned Latina tranny with the thickest cock they ever laid eyes on. They were... read more >>>
The Shemale Instructor
I noticed this buxom redheaded babe checking out my moves, and so yeah, I was showing off a little for her. She stepped into my dojo, and I was hoping she would just want to get a stiff fucking from a karate master. But no, she had the nerve to teach me a thing or... read more >>>
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