The Shemale Saloon
He ordered a beer from the lovely waitress at the saloon and he watched her long legs walk over towards him to deliver it. He immediately popped wood from her cleavage when she bent over to give him the drink. So he took the beautiful lady into the back... read more >>>
Stranger In The Night
He snuck into the beautiful girl's room while she was sleeping and slowly pulled the covers down to molest her. However he got the shock of his life when he saw that this beautiful woman had a hard cock under the sheets. So as he tried to leave, the tranny... read more >>>
The Geisha Tranny Babe
She was the owner of a high priced Chinese restaurant and one of the male patrons noticed her beautiful body. When he watched her walk to the back alley, he started to follow her in hopes that he could have his way with her body. However she had the last laugh when... read more >>>
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