Costume Party
She was the spitting image of Jessica Rabbit. Tight red dress, peak-a-boo red hair and boobs that spilled out like water over a broken dam when she stripped. I figured myself for one lucky fellow when my face was buried in those mounds... read more >>>
Breaking and Entering
The noise made me sit bolt upright in bed. Standing in front of me were two shemale burglars with stocking masks covering their faces. Laughing as they worked, one used her booted foot to toy with my cock, while the other made me suck her 'til she... read more >>>
The Man In The Manhole
The shemale was horny and she spied her next victim. He was walking down the street not paying attention when she pushed him into the open manhole. So without being seen, she slid down the manhole herself and then knocked the guy... read more >>>
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